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Part of my sky…

Some days are high some days are low and some days are simply quiet.But part of my sky is a canvas of all colours in equal harmony of peacefulness. 

Clouds come floating into my life,no longer to carry rain or usher storm,but to add color to my sunset sky

                      Rabindranath Tagore


Being yourself. ..

I am a wanderer ,

 A stranger in my own eyes 

Each time I look at mirror I doubt what I wanted and what I got

From how to what from When to since I look at my own eyes for the answers

Fate, luck ,life ,reality ,whatever 

Every thing seems knowingly unknown 

I am a  wanderer,I am a stranger ..

To be your self in a world that is constantly trying to make you some thing else is the greatest accomplishment “

                   Ralph Waldo Emerson

image source :pixabay 

photography, thought

Race with the time…

On New year eve myself and my family went to visit a near by park and after that we went to visit a zoo ,too.While seeing here and there my eyes went on these little squirrel, very hastily tuk these snap from my phone camera.

Today morning while going through my photo album it made me to think that almost one month is over from this year.So fast time moves especially when we are happy and every thing is going fine .But same moment it do makes me to remember how our days are numbered with our loved ones.Each passing days I loose a day,my precious 24hours.So I just try to make the most of it,give my very best in my work,try not to involve in bad fight with any body.Just try to feel positive every time.Hope the rest of 11 months ,every thing goes well with me and my family. Just anxious what will future hold for us.

Peace and love to all my fellow bloggers.  

Time is a valuable thing watch it fly by as the pendulum swings ,watch it count down to the end of the day ,the clock ticks life away”

-LINKIN PARK,”In the End”,Hybrid Theory.


I am alive..

Reignite me ,with the passion of living,

Long forgotten are the days of darkness 

For I have conquered it with my own light ,my urge to live

I am a winner in my own terms,

For ,I have conquered my own demons

I am a fighter, I Am a Warrior

I am alive ….with my dreams , in my attainment,in my passion 

I always believe that the more challenges we face in our life the more stronger we become, we become more dedicated in our work ,learn our priorities and handle our life more wisely. Actually sometimes seeing the worst in  life makes us to live our life more passionately and fearlessly .After all every cloud has a silver linings .

A dark cloud is no sign that the sun has lost its light;and dark black convictions are no arguments that God has laid aside His mercy”

                         -Charles spurgeon


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Happy republic day

Standing firm on my motherland,  i want to wish all indians a very happy Republic day .

I am proud to be an indian and want to congratulate all indians for this day.Lets us pledge to work more hard for our country’s  progress ,let’s join hand ,forget all our differences and ignite the passion to make our country more stronger in every aspect and also to guard our rich cultural heritage.

Like every year today my program is to watch the live telecast of the parade, in national channel. 

Image source :pixabay