My moments??


Am under a blanket now outside its so cold,am feeling thirsty but dont feel to take out my hand and drink water also ,am feeling so lazy.I have started blogging since two weeks since then my mind is never relaxing am constantly searching for matters that I can write, my eyes looking for that perfect shots that I can posts.OMG what kind of syndrome is these. Am I becoming crazy?blogaholic?? .Am asking myself why I want everything to speed up,why I can’t relax and enjoy the present just live in these “now” ,is it me only or every new blogger feels the urge to write something new .Am feed up, now onwards no pagalbanti no madness no brainstorming to get new ideas for updating .
God let me relax a bit ,just one more line to type and am done .Now am feeling so relaxed ,that constant pressure of writing regarding mindblowing topic is over .Finally I have learnt to write and share my moments.


oops my mother is calling for dinner.I think now no option left ,I have to get out from my coxy blanket
Till then happy blogging.

Images taken from free source.


13 thoughts on “My moments??

  1. I too hate getting out of blanket, after that warm and cozy environment inside when you haev to faec the chills of actual weather, baap re….
    Loved your blog..!!!
    I understand that urge…!!


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