Being happy….

Happiness is a state of mind,

With  a joyous heart

contentment in soul,

 With a feel of hope

Is it a momentous feeling of being satisfied, or a pride in ones achievement .Is it in sharing or simply a feeling of completeness when you are being loved .There will be numerous way of achieving happiness but many times we surpass count less moments of simple joy by pursuing those happiness which are bigger in scale ,forgetting that the pleasant and joyous moments are in fleeting state and  can be captured only for a brief moment before it floats away like dust in the wind.


If you want to be happy,be”

                                        Leo Tolstoy 

  Below are my five mantras of happiness,if followed  will make any body a positive person,which will help to bring more productivity in work and lead a healthy relationship with loved ones.Coz everybody loves to have a jolly person around.

  • Don’t plan your happiness.
  • Don’t postpone your happiness for future. 
  • Only you are responsible for your own happiness. 
  • Start appreciating your present. 
  • Sharing will never reduce your happiness. 

“Happiness is an agreement with one      self,the moment when you are in  absolute state of  tranquillity or in  harmony with your surrounding.”

Image source:pixabay 


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