welcoming winter mornings with our very indian chai


Having chai in morning is like religion for every Indians ,whether sipping it in  comfort of our home or having it from our dhabawalas or  from small shops near road sides in those white colour plastic cups, it always taste good. 
I wondered how many varieties of chai is available in our country. In my home itself one takes with green leaves, another one takes black tea or commonly called as liquor chai which is basically boiling our normal tea leaves in water,mine is always with everything ,means with milk and sugar .Sometimes I do enjoy Karak addrak wali chai,which mostly suit those rainy season when you get up with a migraine  . We indians love our spices so are love affair with spices is also seen in our masala chai  . Made from  cloves cardamom cinnamon  dry ginger powder with a pinch of nutmeg ,one can add black peppercorn also  ,it’s flavour is very strong.  And yeah how can i forget our famous lemon tea .

I won’t do justice if I don’t mention our special noon chai and gud gud chai.
In Kashmir we get noon chai or pink tea or gulabi chai .it is a traditional tea beverage and is generally taken with Kashmiri bread like sheermaal bakarkhani and kulcha.And how can i miss to mention ladakhi gud gud chai.Simply made by boiling tea leaves then putting the brew in a special bamboo cylinder and then adding yak milk ,salt and butter to taste then churning it with a piston shape device.

I wonder how many still more varieties are there which is unknown to me,india’s diversity is not only in culture and language but also in preparation of simple home made beverage, as climatic conditions changes our preparation of chai also changes to suit us.
Whether having it in morning after  yoga session, or in college or office canteen with friends or colleagues or late evening sipping it with chat or any evening snacks  in any restaurant with friends gossiping about any thing and every thing  or late nite while completing one’s office work it always relax us ,those are the quality time spend with ourself .

So Enjoy these winter with your cuppa of Karak chai .

Please share how you like your chai to sure there are so many more varieties  to be  tasted.